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Investing In Barbados Real Estate

August 27th, 2013 10:16 pm

Not only it is a tourist attraction, but it is also the most developed country after Canada and USA in the western hemisphere. In terms of GDP, Barbados is the 51st richest country worldwide. The high income economies as per the World Bank rank Barbados as the 66th for high economy. Initially, the economies of Barbados relied heavily on the sugarcane cultivation, but then the trend changed and shifted to tourism and financial services. Due to high investment from European Union in assisting with the modernization programs in Barbados, the interest of investors is increasing in the Barbados

Due to the sustained growth prospective and foreign assistance in different infrastructural project in Barbados, the international real estate listings and local Barbados listings are loaded with different investment opportunities regarding real estate in Barbados. The Barbados for sale comprises of range of real estate opportunities. The same goes for the international for sales which includes beach villas with sands at a stretch, rental villas and vacation villas. The international rentals and local Barbados rentals are very attractive for the buyers and sellers as the value of the in Barbados appreciates at a very good pace.

The Barbados real estate is not only suitable for rich investors but also average investors. In order to cater the needs of luxury living, luxury villas have been made along Bridgetown and other areas closer to the west coast. These villas are definitely a major attraction when it comes to the international. In order to become part of the international exchange, the Barbados government brought in the idea of developing the homes and villas of rental, luxury and vacation types on the eastern cost of Atlantic.

In the recent years many of the celebrities have been spending time and visiting Barbados which clearly has made Barbados as the hottest investment for the year 2010. It is claimed that after the recession in 2009, the in Barbados is going to pick up the pace. Due to stability in the currency exchange rates, economy, quality of property and location, the buyers showed much more interest in the negotiation process for the investment in Barbados. This has given a clear signal that the investment market for real state in Barbados is surely going to bring in much more benefits along with better local and international rentals for the buyers. Due to these rentals, the value of Barbados property has increased significantly on the international exchange.

Cheap Property in Italy

August 25th, 2013 9:30 pm

Foreign investors seeking to buy property in Italy have traditionally headed for Tuscany — and in particular hotspots such as Cortona, Florence, Lucca, Pisa and the Chianti region. This has led to a surge in prices that has put large swathes of Tuscany beyond the reach of the typical buyer and driven them to look for property cheaper regions of Italy such as Calabria and Abruzzo. However, there are still undiscovered parts of Tuscany where real estate prices remain surprisingly affordable. Principal among them is an area called the Maremma. The Maremma is at the southern end of Tuscany and has a striking, rugged landscape very different to the rest of Tuscany.

And the Maremma is proving just as popular with investors seeking cheap Italian property. In picturesque towns such as Manciano, it is possible to find an apartment for just EUR50,000. In nearby Sorvana, a three-bedroom semi-detached villa can be yours for just EUR200,000 while you can expect to pay just EUR250,000 for a detached house. In comparison, if you head for Siena just two hours away, prices rocket to two or even three times these figures.

Monte Argentario, for instance, is an island attached to the mainland by three narrow fingers of land and is also home to some of Tuscany’s most attractive beaches. This is among the Maremma’s most highly prized areas among holidaymakers and real estate investors, who are drawn by the high rental returns. This has led to it having a much slower turnover of properties, with owners understandably keen to stay put for as long as possible.

Other beautiful medieval towns and villages in the region popular with visitors and worth considering for property investment include Abbadia San Salvatore, Bagni San Filippo, Castel del Piano and Scansano, famous for its Morellino di Scansano wine. But no-one visiting the Maremma should leave without attending one of its palios — its unique medieval racing contests. While Siena’s renowned event features horses, in Roccastrada they use donkeys. And the townsfolk of Paganico gather every September to cheer on…racing frogs.